December Spreadelicious: A Bit of Everything

Now that the December pictorials for the magazines are slowly being released to the Korean media, it finally hit me that 2014 is really ending soon. This year surely has its ups and downs for everyone, but it’s ending soon! I’m happy to see that the magazines are featuring a handful of actors and actresses for the final edition of the year, because what’s better than spending your time peering at their beautiful faces?

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September Spreadelicious: Girl Crushes

If the actors are taking turns to serve in the army, the actresses I usually see on dramas are also disappearing, mostly making their debut on the big screen. But the entertainment market has no time to rest and new faces are appearing in dramas. I don’t have that many favourite actresses on my list but one thing I know, I like to see these three young stars in their dramas. It might be a coincidence that they are all dressed in white and pastels for their September pictorials 😉

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Joo Ji Hoon – GQ & Harper’s Bazaar August 2012

With his drama premiere around the corner, Joo Ji-Hoon is the star in kdrama land. He has not one, but two pictorials set to be featured in August edition of the magazines. Well, he deserves the attention since he’s been out of the limelight for too long. It’s about time for him to be the center of attention. Yay! My Prince Shin is back~!

He will be featured in the August edition of both GQ and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

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