Empress Ki: Eps 38-39

People come and leave but the memories stay.

One of the signs a show is gearing towards the end is characters start to leave left and right. Death and separation are some of the reasons, but the people they left behind will never be the same again. I was too busy paying attention to Yeon-chul’s last moments and didn’t really bother about the other details but when I watched that scene again, my eyes couldn’t help but to focus on Ta-hwan. This young Emperor might have dreamed of that scene for countless times and it was indeed among the thing he looked forward to since he gained his courage to fight back. But then, his relieved face changed into that of astounded when the old man started spewing what sounded like ridiculous prattle of a traitor who’s about to die, but Ta-hwan’s expressions ranged from shocked, disgust, to fear, and in the end…relieved, as though it was apparent that Yeon-chul’s death had changed something in him. He would never be the same again, although the old man would not be around to boss him around like in the past. Same thing goes for Tanashiri: Ta-hwan’s lack of affection caused her to try to change his heart, to the point of committing murders to secure her position. The question is: will Ta-hwan continue to treat Lady Ki above everyone else or is he going to change his way of treating his consorts after learning his lesson the hard way?

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