49 Days Ep 9: rough recaps and screencaps

After one night long of waiting, finally… I watched ep 9! So many things happened, so if you don’t like spoilers, please don’t continue reading, okay?^^

*keep in mind that I’m not that great in Korean, so bear with me^^;

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Talking about Shipping and Chemistry…

…and it’s not the Science Chemistry. I’m surely not going to talk about something that I do everyday even here, right? With many things swirling in my mind (including how to manage these three hectic weeks without any free weekends without passing out), I couldn’t escape the thrill of Soompi’s 49 Days forum. Yep. Hectic life is what I have but I still go there and read every single views and opinions posted. And they made me thought about the chemistry of the actors (and actresses, of course) even in my classes.

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Jumping Ship

One of the thing that makes 49 Days so entertaining to watch: it is so full of mystery. Not just in the characters themselves, but the relationships between them are also surrounded with mystery. Everyone keeps guessing about what will happen next, for example, about the ‘Option #3’ that Mr Scheduler was talking about. Many were speculating about Ji-Hyun would be given chance to use Yi-Kyung’s body for the whole day, but actually turns out to be Mr Scheduler dressing up as a hippie and (sort of) lying/manipulating the coffee shop owner to help Yi-Kyung to get a new job.

Enough saying, for me,as the number of episodes increases, the harder it is to choose a couple to ship. Aahh..

A million-dollar question right now: which one should I ship for?

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Drama Scenes Investigation (DSI) [Part 1]

While waiting for my connection to be okay for me to download Episode 6 of  ’49 Days’ (which is still not that good right now=.=’), I re-watched all the episodes that I’ve downloaded before this, and thanks to people of various sites, forums and my eyes that have been scrutinizing every little details in the drama, I’ve got myself a handful list of things. Things that shouldn’t be taken lightly,because from the way it came on screen (and how the camera kept focusing on them), it might lead to something later.

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