Same Sky, Different Time

As I wait for you with nothing to do
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Now THIS is an Addiction!

Really, I don’t know how to describe the exact feelings when it comes to my drama addiction. I thought I’ve experienced enough after years of watching dramas, but this time, it’s totally a new, higher level (or degree?) of addiction. sigh I think I really have to apologize for the lack of update and recaps here. I want to update, really, I want to write thousands of words to rant about dramas and do the recaps, but every time I sit and start to write, the words would just disappear, along with the motivation. They’re like…evaporating into the thin air.

All of this thanks to Queen Inhyun’s Man.

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Queen and I

..that’s the English title of Queen Inhyun’s Man, the latest talk in the town of kdrama land. Believe it or not, I never thought that I would be sucked into watching the drama before, but the teasers managed to make me check the first episode out. The rest is history, as I kept watching and watching until the latest episodes. If people ask what’s the reason for this drama to be so enjoyable for me and the rest of kdrama viewers, I don’t really have the answer. For me, it’s just because Queen Inhyun’s Man gives me the joy I used to have when I watched dramas few years back.

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The Greatest Love : The Greatest Moments

A random post, because I love this story. I’m so loving it until I’m willing to put my precious sleep hours away, and I prefer to draw some Dokko Jins and Pil-Joos in my notebook rather than jotting down what the lecturers are saying in the classes. Can’t do anything about it, just have to deal with it.

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