Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

I cannot believe that it is already October – another year is coming to an end and sometimes I don’t even realise it. As with the time, dramas come and go at great speed. It feels like Moon Lovers (or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) just aired yesterday, but we have gone beyond the drama’s half-mark. Some of the acting performances from the ensemble cast are one of the best and this brings me to the star of our feature, Hong Jong-hyun who plays 3rd Prince Wang Yo, the main antagonist of the show. I think I have newfound appreciation for the actor because his portrayal of the villainous character has been quite impressive – he has this strong presence that I feel whenever he is in front of his brothers. I’m sure they feel it too, especially the younger ones.

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Magazine Monday – Kim Woo Bin

It looks like Kim Woo-bin will not be returning to dramaland for now, with his steady stream of movie projects coming along the past 2 years: Friend 2, The Con Artists and TwentyI miss him on the TV screen! Recently, he has been offered a role in a fantasy movie With the Gods and will star with Ha Jung-woo (who is still considering) if he takes it up. The last drama I watched with him in it was The Heirs and Choi Young-do was my favourite character ❤ He rocked as a rebellious high-school student with his mischievous bad boy looks. I became a fan of him since the drama School 2013, where he starred alongside real-life buddy Lee Jong-suk. While awaiting his comeback to dramaland, I decided to feature some of his past pictorials this week. 🙂

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