Bo Kyung (I)

I am..

The mirror who wants to be the moon, Bo Kyung.

Burdened by expectations, favoured upon ties,

That’s exactly me.


That person..

Being a sun he is,

He’ll never forget the moon,

Though I’m here,

Devoting myself as his moon.



What should I do?

When my love for him..

Will never be looked upon;

For he’ll always look past me,

Towards the direction of..

The missing moon.


I am..


Afraid of myself,

Afraid of my heart,

Afraid of what I’m going to do..


For what I have right now,

Are my love and ambition..

For the sun, always and forever.

~Because I love the actress and the character.


Moon, Suns, and Stars in Hanbok

Gosh, I’m such a fail when it comes to giving a title. Maybe some can guess that this post is about one of the dramas that premiered yesterday, and yeah, it is about the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. But I’m not going to recap it again, not when three great bloggers already delivered such great recaps: Fanderay, Ockoala, and Javabeans. I’m just amazed by the pretty hanbok they are wearing in the series, and I can’t help but notice some little features I haven’t talked about yet. For your information, I’ve already covered a lot of clothing, accessories, and footwear of Joseon Dynasty in another post here, so this is just a complimentary post for it. Part of the reason: thanks to the colorful first episode of MoonSun.

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Another Sageuk…

…has crept up into my radar. The year hasn’t even changed the number, yet I’m here, already picking out which one to be watched and which one to be pushed back for viewing later. It’s not like dramas are my subjects at my university (as if drama watching can be considered as part of engineering? wishful thinking), but if it’s going to be amazing, I won’t be the one who’d like to miss the fun, but the ‘drama’ neuron and the ‘life’ neuron in my brain are fighting over this issue right now..

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