March Spreadelicious: Baek Jin Hee & Ji Chang Wook

These two are just beautiful. It’s a pity that their characters in Empress Ki aren’t fated to be the lovey dovey couple even when they’re married, but I still ship Tanashiri and Ta-hwan a teeny weeny bit back in the earlier episodes. I’m glad to get to know more about Baek Jin-hee and Ji Chang-wook through the drama and they’re getting the limelight they deserve. These are the recent magazine spreads for March 2014 featuring the actor and actress individually and while I’m hoping for a couple photo shoot, that’s like a far-fetched dream. Maybe one day, if they happen to star in a movie together. One can only hope!

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Modern Emperor and Empresses

It’s been a while since the last time a magazine pictorial was featured on the blog, so with the hype that Empress Ki is getting around the dramaland and on this blog, I present to you…the emperor and his empresses in fine modern garbs.

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