Beyond Evil: Characters and Previews

“Who could be the monster; you, me, or both of us?” A psychological pursuit thriller of two monsters-like men set in the town of Manyang.


Episode 2: What do you like so much about me? It doesn’t seem to be the police Lee Dong-shik, but the suspect Lee Dong-shik?

Dong-shik and Joo-won’s discord only grow worse despite the discovery of the skeleton; Joo-won starts to chase after Dong-shik as Dong-shik begins to dig into Joo-won’s background. Despite the growing suspicion they have for each other, they still have to go around the town together, and that is how they come to witness a shocking, surprising scene.

Episode 1: Inspector Lee Dong-shik, there’s something that I’m curious about…

The town of Manyang, located in the City of Munju in the outskirts of Seoul. Unlike the mundane and repetitive daily life in the town, the patrol office has something different in the form of its crazy inspector, Lee Dong-shik (Shin Ha-kyun). One day, someone appears in front of him: an elite lieutenant from Seoul Metropolitan Office of Foreign Affairs, Han Joo-won (Yeo Jin-goo). There is nothing common between them, but they eventually become each other’s partner despite being apprehensive about it and everything screams discord when they are together…until their unexpected encounter with a corpse.

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