Magazine Monday – December Special

We’re counting down to the last few days of 2016, and after a year of entertainment Dramaland is ready to welcome 2017 with a new batch of upcoming dramas. The magazines are no exception as they are gradually rolling out pictorials of stars featured on their January issues. A lot of my favourites are gracing the zines’ pages, so I decided to put them together in this special. Since it is Christmas month, there will be 12 sets of pictures which would be a mix of December ’16 and January ’17 released pictorials. Are you ready to welcome the new year?

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Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

I cannot believe that it is already October – another year is coming to an end and sometimes I don’t even realise it. As with the time, dramas come and go at great speed. It feels like Moon Lovers (or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) just aired yesterday, but we have gone beyond the drama’s half-mark. Some of the acting performances from the ensemble cast are one of the best and this brings me to the star of our feature, Hong Jong-hyun who plays 3rd Prince Wang Yo, the main antagonist of the show. I think I have newfound appreciation for the actor because his portrayal of the villainous character has been quite impressive – he has this strong presence that I feel whenever he is in front of his brothers. I’m sure they feel it too, especially the younger ones.

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Magazine Monday – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

I am bringing back Magazine Monday with the leads from SBS’s latest medical drama Doctors, and they are none other than Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye who star as neurosurgeons in the show. The overall tone of the drama is light-hearted, coupled with some medical cases in the mix. Doctors has also been putting out a massive cameo parade as more episodes are released, and the special appearances include those from Im Ji-yeon, Han Hye-jin, Namgoong Min and Lee Sang-yeob. Despite the short screen-time, we get to see them show their best acting chops in solid performances. Yoon Kyun-sang also stars in Doctors as another neurosurgeon, and you can visit his feature here. Onto the pretties! 🙂

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Magazine Monday – The Male Leads of Remember: Son’s War

After Park Min-young, it’s time to put the 3 sons of Remember in the limelight and here it is! Hold yourselves ready as we take some time to gaze at pictorials of Yoo Seung-ho, Namgoong Min and Park Sung-woong 😀

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Magazine Monday – Jung Kyung Ho

I was looking forward to seeing Jung Kyung-ho in a new project after last year’s Falling For Innocence on tvN, and thankfully he picked his next work very soon, that is the currently airing Wed-Thu prime-time drama One More Happy Ending! It’s been years since he’s appeared in weekday dramas showing on the Big 3 broadcast networks (the last being Ja Myung Go in 2009), and I’m really happy he took up the role as single dad Song Soo-hyuk 😀 It’s hard not to love Soo-hyuk, who is a one-of-a-kind character as the leading man. He’s caring and sincere to the people around him, which is rare for a kdrama male lead right from the outset. Furthermore, his relationship with his 13-year-old son Min-woo is gold ❤ Their interactions make me go Awww~ it is really heartwarming to see how much they love and care for each other. The star of this week’s feature is Jung Kyung-ho, because he’s one amazing actor. And Valentine’s Day was yesterday but this will be my Valentine’s gift to all of you here 😉

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Magazine Monday – Kang Ha Neul

Last weekend, I had a sudden urge to check out Youth Over Flowers in Iceland despite the lack of subs online, and it has to be one of the best choices I have ever made this year because I found a new appreciation on the guys: musical actor Jung Sang-hoon, actor Jung Woo (aka Trash Oppa-ya), actor Jo Jung-seok (aka Shep!) and last but not least, Kang Ha-neul as the maknae of the quartet. I have lots of things to say about the show but let’s save that for another post because this week’s Magazine Monday star is Kang Ha-neul, because I know lots of people are going to like this!

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Magazine Monday – Park Hae Jin

The star for the week is actor Park Hae-jin, who plays Yoo Jung in the Mon-Tue cable drama Cheese In The TrapThe television ratings have been hitting new peaks every week, which is great for the production team and cast! It’s even better to know that filming for the drama is completed; the cast even had a wrap-up party! I haven’t started watching the drama yet, but I definitely hope to strike it off my to-watch list soon 😉 Check out the various pictorials he has had, classified into 3 segments ❤

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Magazine Monday – Shin Se Kyung

Here’s another dragon featured on this week’s Magazine Monday: Shin Se-kyung is the only female lead among the five males in Six Flying Dragons, and I am glad that she does not get overshadowed by the other characters in the series. Boon-yi is shining brightly in her own way, and I think Shin Se-kyung does fare better in lighter rom-coms (for instance The Girl Who Sees Smells) and sageuk compared to melodramas. Now that I think of it, it has been more than 11 years since the first time I saw her in the movie My Little Bride as Moon Geun-young’s best friend!

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Magazine Monday – Park Min Young

Park Min-young first caught my attention when she starred in fusion sageuk Sungkyunkwan Scandal back in 2010; the series gained many fans’ support despite mediocre ratings. She quickly followed up this success with manga adaptation drama City Hunter in the following year alongside Lee Min-ho. Recently, she made her mark again with action thriller Healer and had a love line with Ji Chang-wook’s character as the titular hero. Now, she’s back with another drama Remember: Son’s War and plays rookie prosecutor Lee In-ah. I like how In-ah has a mind of her own and does not give in to pressure. It’s heartening to see that the show’s ratings are steadily on the rise! The actress has had some pictorials over the years, and I’ll be waiting for the magazines to feature her this year! If you’re wondering why the male cast of Remember are not featured this week, no worries because it’s coming soon 😉

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Magazine Monday – Yoon Kyun Sang

Crowned as one of the rising stars after his performance in 2014 drama Pinocchio, Yoon Kyun-sang’s name has been a popular key term search thanks to his portrayal of Warrior Moo-hyul in the currently airing sageuk Six Flying Dragons. It will take a lot of effort not to like the earnest but a bit dense Moo-hyul in the series, but the actor himself is one adorable man behind the camera, as proven through his selcas on his personal Instagram account. He had a number of pictorials last year but I’m sure we will get more this year 😉

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