Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

I cannot believe that it is already October – another year is coming to an end and sometimes I don’t even realise it. As with the time, dramas come and go at great speed. It feels like Moon Lovers (or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) just aired yesterday, but we have gone beyond the drama’s half-mark. Some of the acting performances from the ensemble cast are one of the best and this brings me to the star of our feature, Hong Jong-hyun who plays 3rd Prince Wang Yo, the main antagonist of the show. I think I have newfound appreciation for the actor because his portrayal of the villainous character has been quite impressive – he has this strong presence that I feel whenever he is in front of his brothers. I’m sure they feel it too, especially the younger ones.

This feature will complete the trio of the three main princes in Moon Lovers, after Lee Jun-ki and Kang Ha-neul. Although Hong Jong-hyun is really selling his evil prince Yo persona, he is absolutely cute and charming in real life. I have not seen many of his dramas, but his stints on SBS variety show Running Man are winning ^^ His recent guest appearance with his Moon co-stars again allowed him to display his good abilities at the games. He began his career as a model in 2007, and has since been building up his acting resume.

ELLE May 2015

2011 was the year that really kick-started his acting career, where he starred in White Christmas as well as sitcom Vampire Idol. It was also during the filming of White Christmas that he became close friends with fellow model-turned actors Kim Woo-bin, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Young-kwang and Sung Joon. In interviews he has mentioned that he’s really thankful for his friends ❤ Kim Woo-bin and Kim Young-kwang turned up at his fan-meeting in May last year, surprising both the actors and his fans. Awww

HIGH CUT Volume 131 (August 2014)

SURE May 2015

Hong Jong-hyun joined MBC’s variety program We Got Married in mid-2014 and was a couple with Yura of Girls’ Day. I remember them sharing great chemistry on the show over the course of their on-screen married life, and they look really good together by the way! It has been some time since I last watched the show, but they were certainly unforgettable 🙂 They left the program in February last year to focus on their solo activities.

Singles March 2014

여성중앙 May 2015

I personally think he looks better in brown hair! XD
Credit to 여성중앙

The actor started being on SBS Inkigayo as an emcee in December 2014, hosting the music show alongside actress Kim Yoo-jung and Kwanghee of ZE: A. He performed the song “Some” with Soyou of girl group Sistar on his first day. A couple of months later, he announced his departure from the program.

bnt international February 2015

I made a collage of some of the pictures from bnt 🙂

His character in Moon Lovers is his first time playing a villain on a drama, and during the press conference he said that he never expected that it would be such an evil character but since Wang Yo is very bad he is going to do it properly to portray the character viciously. He also looks up to his fellow actors Lee Jun-ki and Kang Ha-neul for their hard work during filming and are inspired by them 😀

InStyle October 2016

THE STAR October 2016

BONUS! Last February, Hong Jong-hyun modeled for Jill Stuart’s Love Edition Accessory Collection, which I think was in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. Seeing him in these shots just makes me think that he is totally Mr Right material, haha XD

Watch a clip from behind-the scenes below!

I will leave you with a self-made collage of Prince Wang Yo 😉

Credit to SBS

Credits | ELLE | HIGH CUT | SURE | Singles여성중앙 | bnt international | InStyle | THE STAR | Jill Stuart


11 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

  1. Aww.. Hong Jong Hyun!!! Thanks to his WGM stint, I’ve become really rather charmed by him ❤ And, it’s weird seeing him be all evil in Moon Lovers, but, he’s doing a solid job of it, I must admit. Thanks for the lovely dose of HJH, Jas! 😀

    1. Hi kfangurl! Awww looks like I’ve found another HJH fan ❤ ❤ I watched him on WGM too but for me I didn’t consider myself a fangirl of him yet hehe 😛 Now that I’m seeing him in Moon Lovers I think he’s found a new fan, lol! Yes, he is so great at being Yo, isn’t he!? You’re welcome, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Such a talented group of young actors have hit the ground running as they say….aside from the more serious storyline in the main, the young rascals are the needed comic relief to lighten the weight of the evil in the shadows. IMHO this drama is certainly living up to the hype and teasers.

    1. Hi, I agree that the acting from the younger cast is good as well. That is true, I did like the light tone in some of the scenes early on; and certainly with the hype though there are no perfect dramas.

  3. Thanks for the photos. I’d never heard of nor seen him before Moon Lovers, so it’s nice to see him in different settings. He’s doing a great job portraying Yo. Really making an impression on me.

    1. Hi, you’re welcome! I’m glad you like them, thank you for dropping by! Yup it’s great that the various pictorials show different styles and sides of him. I think so too. He’s also growing on me more through Moon Lovers ^^

  4. For me it is also the first time. It is quite odious in the drama. Here is loving, but it has something roguish in his eyes. He is not very angelic

    1. Hi 🙂 Yup, it means that he has succeeded as a villain character in the drama! And he looks more evil in the show partly because of the make-up and eyeliner too – perhaps that’s why.

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