Magazine Monday – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

I am bringing back Magazine Monday with the leads from SBS’s latest medical drama Doctors, and they are none other than Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye who star as neurosurgeons in the show. The overall tone of the drama is light-hearted, coupled with some medical cases in the mix. Doctors has also been putting out a massive cameo parade as more episodes are released, and the special appearances include those from Im Ji-yeon, Han Hye-jin, Namgoong Min and Lee Sang-yeob. Despite the short screen-time, we get to see them show their best acting chops in solid performances. Yoon Kyun-sang also stars in Doctors as another neurosurgeon, and you can visit his feature here. Onto the pretties! 🙂

Park Shin-hye made her debut as a child actress in the 2003 classic melodrama Stairway to Heaven and is now a leading lady in many of her drama projects. The actress has been featured in many pictorials over the years so I have chosen some of my favorites ^^

Céci March 2015 – Love the colors and natural surroundings in this one, where the actress took to Thailand for the shoot and posed at the beach.

Marie Claire March 2014 – This has got to be the all-time best fashion pictorial of the actress, in which she donned on styles inspired by British actress Audrey Hepburn, whom she looks upon as a role model.

ELLE July 2016 – The actress was on ELLE’s cover this July and the pictorial’s theme was a Rapunzel princess. Gorgeous! ❤

I was really looking forward to Kim Rae-won’s next project after watching Punch last year, and I get to see him all smiles this time in Doctors! XD His character Ji-hong here is really different from Jung-hwan, and he sure doesn’t disappoint in both roles 😉

Cosmopolitan May 2015 – Overwhelming eye candy here xD The actor shot this pictorial in sunny island Bali where he posed at the poolside.

Cine21 January 2015 – The actor was featured on the movie-centric magazine with his Gangnam 1970 co-star Lee Min-ho.

HIGH CUT August 2016 – This August, he is featured on HIGH CUT Volume 179’s cover and again his smile is ❤ It’s hard not to fall in love, ha.

BONUS! Park Shin-hye has had more pictorials than her co-star (can we hope for more Kim Rae-won pictorials in the future?) Here is ELLE Hong Kong‘s feature of the actress this March where she was also on the cover.


Credits | Céci | marie claire | ELLE Korea 2 3 4 | Cosmopolitan 2 | Cine21 b | HIGH CUT | ELLE Hong Kong


11 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

    1. Hi, you’re welcome ^^ Yes he hasn’t had much pictorials, he has other photographs from news interviews though. I also hope he gets featured in magazines more often in future!

  1. this is my first time seeing these beautiful pictures of gorgeous Park Shin Hye……i have been following her since i started watching kdramas…..thank you so much for sharing these pictures….more power to you! GODBLESS…..

    1. Hi there, I’m glad you like the pictorials! You’re welcome 😀 She has several others that are not included here too; you can find them in some of the magazine sites. Same to you ^^

    1. Hi, are you referring to his 1st Look pictorial with Ma Dong Seok in anticipation of their drama Squad 38? If not, which is it? Actually you can browse the gallery tab under his name. His fashion pictorials are all shown there, and will be updated as we go along! 🙂

        1. Hmmm it looks like a pictorial probably for a clothing fashion brand. I’m not too sure what it is for either but I’ll try to find out ^^ but yesss I agree that SIG is looking superb in those shots. Thank you for your suggestion, redfox! 😀

        2. Hi redfox, it’s been some time but I found out about the pictures SIG posted on his IG! He’s been modelling for VOSTRO’s fashion collection – I found a making video here . He is totally adorable! ❤

  2. Both of these two are hot, not when together though. The romance in the drama was not credible to me. No sparks between these two.

    1. Hi, yes they look good are both unique in their own ways. Aw if you didn’t enjoy their chemistry, you can always look at their individual pictorials and admire them! 😀

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