Magazine Monday – Kang Ha Neul

Last weekend, I had a sudden urge to check out Youth Over Flowers in Iceland despite the lack of subs online, and it has to be one of the best choices I have ever made this year because I found a new appreciation on the guys: musical actor Jung Sang-hoon, actor Jung Woo (aka Trash Oppa-ya), actor Jo Jung-seok (aka Shep!) and last but not least, Kang Ha-neul as the maknae of the quartet. I have lots of things to say about the show but let’s save that for another post because this week’s Magazine Monday star is Kang Ha-neul, because I know lots of people are going to like this!

It feels like I’ve seen him in dramas since forever, but Kang Ha-neul actually started out as a musical actor and has been active on the stage since he was 17. His first role on the small screen was in the drama Supermom back in 2007 and then continuing with the daily drama Hometown Over the Hill Season 1. 2012 was the year he made it into the prime time drama To the Beautiful You as Minho’s rival, Ji-chul.




HIGH CUT Vol 112

I consider Monstar as his breakout drama because it was through the series I learned about him (although I have yet to watch it) and he got to broadcast his singing talent because hey, he’s a musical actor after all! He also appeared on Two Weeks for a short but memorable role before starring in Heirs and gaining the nickname from his character there: Hyo-shin sunbae. He really knows how to shine on his own because you will notice him and he is no doubt a scene stealer!



InStyle Dec 2013

I finally got the chance to watch him in action since I didn’t watch Two Weeks while it was airing, and the chance I had was through the drama Angel Eyes in 2014, where he played the younger version of Lee Sang-hyun’s character, Park Dong-joo. He was so endearing in that drama, and his chemistry with Nam Ji-hyun was just endearing. Kang Ha-neul then joined Misaeng as Jang Baek-ki, a role he considered as a turning point in his career. He also scored a cameo in Missing Noir M as a psychopathic murderer right after Misaeng, and I still can’t forget his character’s creepy grin there.


Men’s Health Mar 2014

This young actor is also building his silver screen resume, acting alongside Kim So-eun in horror flickΒ The Girl’s Grave in 2014. He appeared in three movies last year: the coming-of-age Twenty with Kim Woo-bin and Junho (LOTS of racy jokes in the movie); Age of Innocence/Empire of Lust alongside Shin Ha-kyun, Jang Hyuk, and Kang Han-na (this is not suitable for kids under 19); and the musical movie C’est si bon with Jung Woo and Han Hyo-joo.






CeCi July 2014

Perhaps this year will be another great one for him since he’s starting the year with Youth Over Flowers, in which he becomes the adorable but reliable maknae of the goofy guys on their trip to Iceland. I have always thought that Kang Ha-neul is very mature despite the tendency to be cast as high schooler(s) and he has the cute side of him, but with his hyungs, he’s a total goofball marshmallow that you want to hug (a la Jung Woo). He also has two movies coming up in February: a modern rom-com Like for Likes, where he is paired with Esom; and Dongju: The Potrait of A Poet alongside Park Jung-min, based on the poet Yun Dong-ju and directed by Lee Jun-ik.






First Look Vol 103

It’s still in the early stage of filming but put it in your drama calendar, because he is coming back to dramaland later this year through Korean adaptation of C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin, with the working title Scarlet Heart: (Go)ryeo or also known as Moon Lovers. This won’t be his first time acting in a historical drama since he gained experience though his drama special Unrest and Age of Innocence, so we can be rest assured that he will be able to put on his decent performance as the 8th prince Wang Wook.

As a parting gift…have a nice pictorial circa 2013 of Kang Ha-neul working out, and you can check out more of his pictorials at his gallery HERE!


SURE ~2013

Credit to: HIGH CUT | InStyle | Men’s Health | CeCi | 1st Look | SURE |


14 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Kang Ha Neul

  1. He’s so lovely! He piqued my interest since Misaeng, but i didn’t watch all his past dramas yet and unfortunately i didn’t catch up with Youth Over Flowers either lol (i can’t understand without subs), but he seems really talented and his career is in a good place right now. I’m looking forward to watch Moon Lovers with him and Lee Jun Ki πŸ™‚

    1. He was mostly in supporting roles except in Monstar (as the second lead) and he even had a CF with Ha Yeon-soo after the drama, so I’m planning to watch that one in the future^^ Same here, I want to see their bromance inside and outside the drama!

  2. I absolutely adore him. Watching Youths Over Flowers RAW is difficult but you’re right, it is so worth it! I love it when he laughs he starts seal clapping it’s actually funnier to watch than the actual object of laughter, honestly. XD

    I would like to thank you for making these posts on the Talking Cupboard! I discovered this site recently and all of the links, from the list of actors/actresses’ instagrams to photoshoot compilations all in the one convenient place, it’s just so helpful! I enjoy everything and I pretty much like all of the actors you like and, yeah πŸ˜€ It’s pretty damn sweet. Loving it. I’ll come back often.

  3. Awwwww you’re welcome! I’m so glad you find them useful. Looking forward to your future visits!

    Re: KHN
    He is sooo cute when he’s smiling and laughing! I think I’m falling for him even more through YOF, and I will miss the Four Stones after this :’)

    1. πŸ˜€ Should I follow you on twitter as well?

      Yeah I’ll miss this season of YOF, have you seen the Laos one? that’s all been subbed and that was a heck lot of fun too.
      I hope that this season gets subbed soon, I’d love to watch it again and understand more. ><
      I generally enjoy going onto youtube and finding Haneul’s interviews etc. He’s so cute. The Running Man episodes that he has guested in are hilarious as well. :’)

      1. Sure sure! ^o^

        I watched some episodes of the Laos one and it was a great one too! Need to get back to it soon~ I heard that Dramafever will be picking it up for subbing but not sure if they’re including Iceland or just taking the Africa one since that one will feature the Reply 1988 cast..

        Now that his movies are premiering soon, we have more interviews πŸ˜‰

        1. Alright I’m following you now. I’m on private (bc I don’t like random spam) if you want to talk to me on there then by all means follow me back, just a warning: I tend to caps lock my Kdrama feels. XD I’m currently watching Signal, Six Flying Dragons!!!!! & Cheese in the Trap. πŸ™‚ (so that’s what I scream about most, especially SFD! IT’S MIND BLOWING)
          (Also I’ve noticed that you’re into Lee Jehoon? ___ I’ve fallen in love because of Signal orz.. he’s so… oh my gosh)

          The Laos one was so endearing, I love mother Yoo Yeonseok he really took care of his kids Hojoon and Baro so well c:
          I checked and Dramafever seem to have stated that they’re going to do the Iceland one…? but who knows when that would finally be done. :/

          I really want to watch the Like for Likes movie! It looks so cute, Haneul and Yoo Ahin in the same film, what more could we ask for? w

        2. Well..isn’t that one of the reasons to use twitter? πŸ˜‰
          Looks like we’re watching the same dramas except for CITT..waiting for the final week before I marathon it because I don’t want to wait~ Yeah, I liked him since 2013 I think..and Signal is showcasing his talents to lots of people so I am a happy fangirl!
          Phew, at least it will be subbed! Haaa I hope that movie will be picked up by DF too..

  4. True πŸ˜›
    Oh yeah fair enough. It’s nice marathoning dramas, it’s somehow less stressful? lol πŸ™‚
    I see! Yeah he’s amazing. I have heard so much about his acting ability, I started Secret Door but I dropped it pretty quickly. I could tell he was awesome there, but now I’m watching Signal I’m finally truly realising why I’ve heard so many people praise him.
    ah waiting for subs, the struggle of international fans 😦

    1. Marathoning is one way to enjoy a drama without being stressed over the wait!
      OMG good thing you dropped SD. The plot got lost in the mountains in the second half so you did yourself a favour. You’ll have better chance with his movies~

      1. Yep. I have got Pinocchio lined up to marathon once SFD finishes because I forsee major Yoon Kyunsang withdrawal symptoms in my future so xD Goodness me I’m going to be SO SAD when SFD finishes 😦

        haha I’m actually an avid reader of Dramabeans so I read what the writers were saying about Secret Door and they actually dropped the recaps so that’s when I knew it was quite serious….ly bad.
        What would be your movie recommendations? Unfortunately I’m a wimp so I can’t watch anything too violent/scary. (which narrows down my movie watching options significantly) Has he done cute movies before? I CAN DO CUTE ;;;;

        1. I think I’ll have to watch Pinocchio once SFD ends ;; It will be hard to get over it!

          I would recommend:
          Introduction to Architecture – a coming-of-age story in the form of the leads’ flashback. He played the younger version of Uhm Tae-woong’s character. A sweet first love film.
          My Paparotti – he plays a gangster by night and a student by day who wants to become an opera singer. Violence alert in few scenes but the story is inspiring! Love LJH’s chemistry with Han Suk-kyu here.
          Ghost Sweepers – horror comedy with ghosts and silly antics of ghost hunters who entered a haunted village.
          Just Friends – a story of two young men falling in love with each other. It’s a short movie and I think I saw it on youtube with subs..

          Other works of him that I like..
          Bleak Night – very depressing like the title suggests but a hauntingly dark film about a student who committed suicide and a father who seeks to find the truth behind it.
          The Front Line – a war movie set during Korean War and he portrayed a young team leader in the squad with a back story. War stuff alert!

  5. hehe maybe we can watch Pinocchio at the same time and discuss about it on twitter. πŸ˜›

    Thankyou for your recommendations. I’ve heard tons of things about Intro to Architecture, it has a few of my actor faves in there as well so I might have to check it out eventually. The other movies don’t really sound like my cup of tea but thank you regardless because it seems that he is an incredibly versatile actor, which is great. πŸ™‚

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