Magazine Monday – Park Min Young

Park Min-young first caught my attention when she starred in fusion sageuk Sungkyunkwan Scandal back in 2010; the series gained many fans’ support despite mediocre ratings. She quickly followed up this success with manga adaptation drama City Hunter in the following year alongside Lee Min-ho. Recently, she made her mark again with action thriller Healer and had a love line with Ji Chang-wook’s character as the titular hero. Now, she’s back with another drama Remember: Son’s War and plays rookie prosecutor Lee In-ah. I like how In-ah has a mind of her own and does not give in to pressure. It’s heartening to see that the show’s ratings are steadily on the rise! The actress has had some pictorials over the years, and I’ll be waiting for the magazines to feature her this year! If you’re wondering why the male cast of Remember are not featured this week, no worries because it’s coming soon 😉

The actress had a pictorial for Ceci in December 2010, after Sungkyunkwan Scandal ended its run back then. This was when she got a breakthrough in her career after acting as Kim Yoon-hee in the said drama. Her character took on a boy’s disguise to enter the most prestigious Sungkyunkwan University in Joseon and became friends with three of her male classmates.

Park Min-young posed for SURE magazine’s September 2011 issue with her then label mate Sung Yuri. They were both part of King Kong Entertainment (home to actors like Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Dong-wook) but left in 2014. The stars of the said agency had a pictorial for HIGH CUT then, though some of them have left as well. Park Min-young has signed on with Culture Depot since, which also represents Jun Ji-hyun and Jo Jung-seok. This pictorial was filmed in Hawaii after the actress wrapped up City Hunter.

The theme of her pictorial for Singles in January 2012 was the make-up, particularly the eye-shadow. She dressed mostly in black, highlighting the eye-shadow with every shot. I’m not really a fan of thick make-up, but the actress can pull it off well 🙂

And my favourite shot of this series:

In January 2013, the actress went for a floral-themed shoot for ELLE and put on different styles, including posing with a bed of flowers. Isn’t it a perfect combination~ ❤

The most recent magazine pictorial she has would be for Ceci’s January issue last year, titled Open Your Eyes. She graced its covers and her short hair is the one she had in Healer, but with more curls. She looks both cute and pretty here ^^

Her side profile is ❤

You can watch the video of her cover story [Open Your Eyes] here:

Credits | SURE | Singles | ELLE | Ceci


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