Magazine Monday – Yoon Kyun Sang

Crowned as one of the rising stars after his performance in 2014 drama Pinocchio, Yoon Kyun-sang’s name has been a popular key term search thanks to his portrayal of Warrior Moo-hyul in the currently airing sageuk Six Flying Dragons. It will take a lot of effort not to like the earnest but a bit dense Moo-hyul in the series, but the actor himself is one adorable man behind the camera, as proven through his selcas on his personal Instagram account. He had a number of pictorials last year but I’m sure we will get more this year 😉

Pinocchio was actually the actor’s second drama, the first one being Faith, where he acted as one of Choi Young’s Woodalchi soldiers, Deok Man. You might have noticed him since his character had some scenes with Lee Min-ho’s Choi Young 😀 He shot into fame after his scene-stealing role as Lee Jong-suk’s brother in Pinocchio, and I think they do resemble each other a bit, judging from his pictorial with bnt last March.

He also starred in the weekend drama The Time I Loved You as Ha Ji-won’s pianist ex-boyfriend before he joined Six Flying Dragons’ cast. His photo shoot with InStyle back in October captured the autumn feel (which reminded me of The Time I Loved You‘s poster) and Yoon Kyun-sang was literally shining in these shots.

InStyle also gathered the rising stars including Yoon Kyun-sang for its January 2015 edition, but there was only one picture of him…

I’m a tad disappointed that there were only a few of shots released by The Celebrity for his pictorial in October 2015, because I really like the colour! Well, I ought to be thankful that they still gave us some goodies, which is definitely better than none..

His Singles pictorial for the magazine’s November edition showed another side of him in the dark club setting. They were definitely going for the mysterious but smoldering look for him,and I have no complaint. At all.

His latest photo shoot was with Esquire last month…and doesn’t he look like a handsome senior you usually see in college? Okay, please ignore me (I’m pretty much a goner ^^;) but I love how warm he looks in the photos although it was almost winter when they shot the pictorial.

And my favourite photo is




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5 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Yoon Kyun Sang

  1. I love him as Moo-hyul and he steals every scene he’s in. I forget about Yoo Ah In when they’re in the same screenshot and I am a big YAI fan. When they refer to him as a giant, but don’t be afraid of him, I die laughing ’cause he’s totally unaware of his skill and just lives to protect his loved ones. I expect great things for YKS and will look forward to his next role. Don’t ask me me why but in the last photo I feel he seems to be channeling a young Lee Seung Gi.

  2. I just starting watching this drama a few days ago, I have reached ep 19. Once this guy appeared as Moo Hyul, I felt like I was watching an old silent movie, you know the one where people raise hats to a coat hanger and accidentally knock over a policeman or get pushed into the sewers by the careless mishap hero. Just turn off the sound and put that piano music behind his fighting scenes and Charlie Chaplin lives once again. what a dork omg. You just wanna pat his head like a dogs´ and say “Good boy! Now just sit for a while.” But you really can´t help but to like him.

    1. Wow, you’re so fast with your SFD marathon! I agree with you…Moo-hyul is like a puppy 😉 It is great to see people loving his portrayal of the warrior because he was a bit worried when he first accepted the role. Glad that his character is super adorable and one can’t help but to cheer for this giant softie!

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