Magazine Monday – Lee Chun Hee

The celebrity of this week is actor Lee Chun-hee, because this is my dedication post to him after having completed I Remember You recently. Starring as Kang Eun-hyuk, he presented his humorous and charismatic sides making the drama more enjoyable despite it being a less major role. Being a model-turned actor, he has lots of pictorials which show how handsome he is! He is so photogenic it’s like he was born to be in front of the camera ❤ This time, I am organising the pictorials into a few themes. Read on to find out! 😉

The actor was a guest on Episode 402 of Happy Together to promote the above-mentioned drama along with his co-stars. He revealed that he has a store which sells household items that he personally makes out of wood etc. And he cuts the materials and designs the items himself. Magazines ELLE and NYLON shot a pictorial of him at work in March and April this year respectively.

This is a picture of the actor and his daughter So-yoo. Isn’t she adorable~ ❤ His wife is actress Jun Hye-jin and they got married in 2011.

His smile 🙂

This is a wooden chair he personally made for his daughter, an example of the items he makes at his store. Watch the episode to find out more! (Picture credit to KBS World)

Next up we have his solo fashion pictorials for Marie Claire’s July 2013 issue and KWAVE’s December issue this year. For marie claire, he dons on different styles with various poses and shows his tall height! XD On the other hand, he gets ready for the winter season in KWAVE.

He can pull off a floral suit too!

ELLE and COSMOPOLITAN gathered the leads of film Collective Invention for a pictorial this November. The movie was released in Korean theatres on October 22nd and also stars Lee Kwang-soo and Park Bo-young. I’ve included all the shots, both group and individual.

Handsome and gorgeous!

I like her dress ❤

BONUS! The actor showed his toned body for HIGH CUT VOL. 144 back in February, and I couldn’t give it a miss!

Credits | ELLE | NYLON | marie claire | KWAVE | ELLE | COSMOPOLITAN | 1 | 2HIGH CUT


2 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Lee Chun Hee

    1. Hehehe I love him too ❤ I know right?! Even JNR said that he’s good-looking kekeke. YES please watch the drama it’s going to be great! 😀 No problem kfan, I am really glad you like it! ^_^

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