Magazine Monday – Answer Me 1988’s Crew

tvn’s Reply franchise is like a stepping stone for the cast to gain more recognition through the small screen, and currently airing Reply 1988 (also known as Answer Me 1988) continues that trend. All the characters as well as the actors are receiving lots of love from the viewers, and there’s no doubt that they will only continue to shine brighter in the future, just like their seniors in Reply alumni. I am enjoying the series so much and decide that it’s fitting to share the younger cast’s pictorials for this week’s Magazine Monday. Check it out!

I’m most familiar with Park Bo-gum, seeing him for the first time in the drama Bridal Mask/Gaksital back in 2012. Although it was just a small role, it was enough for people (including me) to take notice of him and he has scored a number of supporting roles on both small and big screens over the years. His recent pictorial with Harper’s BAZAAR in November is one of my favourites and it serves as a good reminder that he can be different from the adorable Baby Taek ^^






The breakout star of the series is no doubt Ryu Jun-yeol, who is stealing hearts left and right (and in most corners in dramaland?) through his portrayal of Jung-hwan, whose charms is just like an onion’s. You might have noticed him before if you’re following his buddy Byun Yo-han, and both of them starred in the movie Socialphobia earlier this year. He’s already getting the love call from Beanpole to endorse the clothing brand, and here’s hoping that there will be lots of magazine pictorials after he wraps up the series! For now, First Look featured him for its Vol 102, and @star1 paired him up with Ryu Hye-young for its November issue.

If Sung Shi-won and Sung Na-jung were both ultra-fans when it comes to their idols, Hyeri’s Sung Deok-sun is just an average girl who is a middle child in her family, but she proves how being ordinary can be so endearing. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons I love the series, and Hyeri knows how to pull off the character with her own charms. Her pictorials are both from December last year: a make up pictorial for SURE and another one for @star1, but I like how dreamy the latter is!

Although her character Bo-ra the eldest among the kids, Ryu Hye-young is actually younger than some of the boys, but her resume is long! She mostly acted in movies and only made her appearance in dramas in 2015, starring in Spy earlier this year. It’s kind of a funny coincidence for her to have the same surname as Ryu Jun-yeol, and people even mistook them as real siblings! Her Esquire November pictorial is love 🙂

Well..if you haven’t chanced upon Go Kyung-pyo in dramas, you have some rom-coms to be watched! He’s a regular name on tvn, starring in a number of dramas for the channel and also being a fixed cast on SNL Korea. He also has strong fate with the cast: this is his third time acting beside Park Bo-gum after movie Coin Locker Girl and drama Cantabile Tomorrow; he’s Ryu Hye-young’s senior and they acted together in Horror Stories 2. First Look shot a pictorial with him last year, and COSMOPOLITAN featured him and Ryu Hye-young last September.

I guess the CeCi photo shoot for the magazine’s January 2016 issue will only be the beginning for Lee Dong-hwi to be recognized! He’s been in a lot of movies and dramas (you might have seen him in one of his works), for instance Cold Eyes, Tazza the God’s Hand, and Joseon Gunman, just to name a few. He’s also starred in Veteran and The Sound of A Flower this year.

Since they’re still filming the drama, I’m waiting for the magazines to court them for a group pictorial, like what VOGUE did for Reply 1994. For now, we can only be content with half of the gang for SURE this month^^

Credit to | Esquire | @star1 : 1 | 2 | 3 | SURE : 1 | 2 | 1st Look : 1 | 2 | COSMOPOLITAN | Harper’s BAZAAR |


3 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Answer Me 1988’s Crew

  1. eeeee the last one is my favorite! I don’t remember Park bo gum acting in Gaksital at all. Thank you so much for posting. Like you, I am looking forward to group pictorials. 😀

  2. Guh. LOVE. ❤ ❤ ❤ I am really enjoying the series, and it’s such a treat to see them all gathered on one page! Fab job collecting them all for our viewing pleasure – thanks mimi!! ❤

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