Magazine Monday – Lee Dong Wook

We’re a week away from the premiere of tvN drama Bubblegum, starring Lee Dong-wook and Jung Ryeo-won as childhood friends who fall in love with each other as adults. Lee Dong-wook’s dramas in recent years haven’t been really successful; the last time I watched him was in Hotel King, which was meh. But you should catch his 2013 sageuk Mandate Of Heaven if you haven’t, I felt that the drama was underrated. It also starred Song Ji-hyo, and he has made pretty regular guest appearances on variety program Running Man in which she is a cast member of. And I really enjoyed watching him in one of 2011’s hit dramas Scent Of A Woman as Kang Ji-wook alongside Kim Sun-ah. I swooned so much over the OTP at that time! ❤ It was such a memorable drama and I re-watched it quite a number of times~ wouldn’t mind for another collaboration between the co-stars haha 😉 I hope Bubblegum will turn out well for him, and may the cable network score another hit! I’ve put together some of the pictorials the actor has had, so let’s move on for some eye candy!

InStyle Korea January 2015 – The actor took a trip to Dubai for this pictorial, which featured some of the country’s attractions in the backdrop. He had mentioned that the place had changed a lot since he last visited nine years ago.

Cosmopolitan (Cosmo Men) Korea September 2013 – The photoshoot themed “City Nomad” took place in the romantic city of Amsterdam. He sure looks relaxed and happy! The pretty surroundings are a plus and complemented his clothing styles.

A wide smile for the camera! I love how it looks so candid ❤

GEEK Korea June 2013 – He graced the magazine’s cover and went for a tougher look. I like his thick eyebrows haha~

Arena Homme+ September 2011 – Lee Dong-wook posed with COACH bags for the pictorial. Though it’s simple, he looks so good!

Credits | InStyle | COSMOPOLITAN | GEEK | Arena Homme Plus |


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