Magazine Monday – Yoo Ah In

Celebrating his 30th (Korean) birthday last Tuesday, Yoo Ah-in is leaving behind a memorable track record before his army service, which will probably be due some time next year. Veteran rakes in more than 13 million admissions while The Throne has attracted more than 6 million moviegoers to date. His drama Six Flying Dragons premiered last week, leading the ratings battle for the Mon-Tue slot. I think it’s fitting to feature him on this week’s Magazine Monday since we will be seeing him mostly in sageuk garb in the next six months 🙂

W tapped on the wild side of the actor back in 2011 for its October edition, showcasing his rough charms in the pictorial. Thanks to his portrayal of the rebellious Moon Jae-shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he is forever a baby faced bad boy in my book.




I also adore him when he’s all chummy and playful with his close friend, actress Jung Yu-mi. They collaborated in a few projects and did a photo shoot together for Harper’s BAZAAR back in 2013.


My favourite pictorial of him has to be the one he did for GEEK’s May 2013 issue, because it is so colourful and fun! I love colours and those clothes sure look good on him. No wonder he has endorsed a lot of clothing brands so far~

Credit to: W | Harper’s BAZAAR | feel98486 | GEEK |


4 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Yoo Ah In

  1. After “Fashion King” (that drama…), I was afraid he’d go into a slump he wouldn’t be able to overcome, but his career choices for the past 2 years were the right ones. Not only it was hit after hit, but his roles were so diverse that his acting skills really shone. I think the army will be a welcome hiatus for him, like it was for Song Joong Ki who had left on a high note with “Nice Guy”. Can’t believe he’s 30… Such a baby face.

    1. f there’s something good FK did, it was bringing in better projects for its leads. Yeah, he really did improve by leaps and bounds through the dramas and movies, so I’m sure his value will only shoot up higher post-army 😉

      My mom thought he’s only in his early twenties! Heee

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