Magazine Monday – Kim Mu Yeol

The star of our Magazine Monday post this week is Kim Mu-yeol, because both Jas and I loved him in his recent drama, My Beautiful Bride. It’s hard not to empathize with Mr. Banker in the drama, but the most important thing is more people will get to know Kim Mu-yeol through his portrayal of Do-hyung. If you can’t get enough of him in the drama, check out this post featuring the pictorials he has done in the recent years!

Warning: this post is image-heavy, so be careful if you’re on paid internet plan!

Kim Mu-yeol has done more movies compared to dramas and that might be the reason why he’s not well-known to drama fans. Thus, most of the photo shoots he did were for promoting his works on the big screen. He shot a pictorial for ELLE May 2012 issue to promote Eungyo or A Muse, also starring Park Hae-il and Kim Go-eun.

While he spent his time in the movie War of the Arrows and drama My Beautiful Bride searching for his missing onscreen brides (portrayed by Moon Chae-won and Go Sung-hee respectively), he has his dearest beautiful bride in real life! He had been dating actress Yoon Seung-ah and they’re happily married since this April! ELLE featured the newlyweds in the magazine back in April 2015 as they took the couple to London for the pictorial. Look at how lovely they looked in these pictures! ❤

And the happy groom himself~

The actor also had a new movie released last June and in the June edition of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, Kim Mu-yeol joined his co-actors Jin Gu and Lee Hyun-woo to promote their movie, Battle of Yeonpyeong or Northern Limit Line.

MAX MOVIE courted him for a solo photo shoot with the movie magazine in June, and I have to say that I really love this pictorial!

Got any request or do you wish to see your favourite celebrities to be featured in the next Magazine Monday? Don’t forget to drop a comment and we will try our best to fulfill your request 😉

Credit to: ELLE | ELLE 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Harper’s BAZAAR | MAX MOVIE 1 | 2 | 3 |


10 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Kim Mu Yeol

  1. OMG what a coincidence i was just watching My Beautiful Bride when i paused to come here!
    But I’m really impressed with Kim Mu-yeol after that drama, i didn’t watch any movies with him so my impression comes from that drama only so I hope he makes more dramas in the future, Mr. Banker is a badass.
    And lovely pictures you selected, he looks really cute especially with his wife, I also like the pictures with Jin Gu (my other recent darling). Kim Mu-yeol is so charming when he smiles<333

  2. Woah, what a lovely load of gorgeous! 😀 Thanks Mimi!! I’ve been watching My Beautiful Bride, and he is fabulous. This was a treat to digest! And, those pix with wifey are alternately sweet and hawt. VERRYY nice work, chingu! 😉

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