Magazine Monday – Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae

Now that Mask has finished its run last week, we will no longer have the chance to see the OTP on our screen every Wednesday and Thursday! Luckily both  Joo Ji-hoon and Soo Ae have lots of past works that are worth the watch, and we on The Talking Cupboard have decided to relish some of the pretty pictorials both leads had in the past.

[Dear lenrasoon, hope you like the shoots of Joo Ji-hoon we’ve chosen for you ;)]

First is Soo Ae’s pictorial for VOGUE Korea back in September 2009, dressed in fusion hanbok and styled like a graceful period queen as she was promoting her film The Sword with No Name at that time.

Next is Soo Ae’s pictorial for marie claire December 2014, where she coupled the accessories from Pandora with various styles for modern ladies. This photo shoot reminds me of the fabulous look she’s sporting in Mask and I really love it!

Meanwhile, Joo Ji-hoon showed how Mondays look like in his BAZAAR pictorial back in May, posing against the beautiful Korean traditional house, also known as hanok.

Last but not least, the actor traveled to Indonesia with marie claire for the magazine’s March 2013 pictorial, basking in the sunny and cloudy sky.

Jas shared her thought on Mask:

Mask was a fierce ride of emotions and thrills. By the end, I had mixed feelings – of both joy and heartbreak at the same time. After the plot build-up, I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I think the story became addictive for me 😛 The acting was stellar as well. Not every point brought up was addressed but I can forgive the show for that since it was simply impossible to conclude everything in 1 hour as it was such a complex web of secrets and lies. Overall I am satisfied & glad that this was a hit!”

Have any request or do you have any pictorial of your favourite celebrities to be featured in the next Magazine Monday? Drop us a comment and we will try our best to find them all~

Sources: VOGUE | marie claireHarper’s BAZAARmarie claire |


7 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae

  1. OMG! thank you so much ^_^
    My bb Joo Ji Hoon looks just perfect in every picture i see of him, it’s incredible! though the BAZAAR magazine it’s my favorite, i like his modern look that contrast to the traditional house.
    Soo Ae looks stunning in all the pictures too, i think i became a fan after Mask hehe.

    Mask was one of my favorite dramas this year, even though it had some flaws, i was never bored watching, all the characters were memorable and Joo Ji Hoon + Soo Ae chemistry was amazing, i’ll definitely miss this drama.

  2. Love love it!! Thank you very much!
    I’m addicted to Mask nowadays and still try to move on.. hahaha
    This drama makes me appreciate Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae as actors!
    Ah, I wish they have photoshoot together

    Joo Ji Hoon ❤

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