Magazine Monday – Lee Jun Ki

I am very happy to introduce our latest weekly feature, Magazine Monday with all of you here! Together with @muchadoboutlove , we will be posting a series of old pictorials with various celebrities. If you would like to request a specific pictorial, please comment below with the artist’s name and the magazine issue he/she was on. After which, we will try to feature them for our upcoming posts. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the spreads!

Three weeks into the airing of vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks The Night starring Lee Jun KiI have once again fallen for him and Sung-yeol (fan-girling mode on) so here are some of his past pictorials that are still my favourites! Now it’s time for some eye candy, let’s go 😉

First up we have his feature shoot for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea in July 2014 with Nam Sang Mi for their drama Joseon Gunmanthe theme was dark with guns + black&white clothing. He usually does only 1 drama a year, so you don’t want to miss him on screen this time! Please do more projects ~(at least that’s my hope…hahaha!)

The final two above had the leads looking romantically hot, and the way it was shown was way more than the drama, although they were madly in love too; awww

He went for a more chic look when shooting for Harper’s BAZAAR China in April 2014. And more colours ❤

Love his hairstyle here 🙂 I think it suits him well.

He also graced the cover of Ceci Magazine China February 2014 issue.

This was the cover image 🙂

Love the maroon hair colour here ❤ ❤ ❤

Further down the memory lane, it would be his shoot for Allure Korea back in June 2012. It was his first official post-army comeback project before he started filming Arang the Magistrate’s Chronicle. You also get to see picturesque scenery as the pictorial was taken during his trip to Canada.

-How does his face not change at all after 3 years?!-

Credits: Harper’s BAZAAR | Ceci China | Allure


5 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – Lee Jun Ki

  1. He’s so gorgeous it’s hard to pick the best photoshoot, thanks for the pretty pictures!

    I would like to see Joo Ji Hoon here too someday if that’s all right, i don’t have any specific magazine but he looks so cute lately in Mask that i remember how good and photogenic he is.

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