Nice Guy: First Script Reading

Who’s the nice guy?

Of course, Song Joong-Ki is always the nice guy! *Ahem* I’m not going to give a whole lecture about how nice the boy is, because today, the first script reading session for his upcoming drama Nice Guy was held! The session was conducted at KBS Building in Yeouido, Seoul with the presence of the actors and actresses.

Joong-Ki will be the character Kang Ma-Roo, a man who uses an amnesiac woman in order to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend.


Moon Chae-Won will be the amnesiac girl Seo Eun-Ki, while Park Si-Yeon is Ma-Roo’s ex, Han Jae-Hee.

Apart from these three, Lee Gwang-Soo, Joong-Ki’s ‘same age friend’ back in Running Man will be his character’s best buddy Park Jae-Gil and he’s going to get a love line with Ma-Roo’s sister Choco, who is going to be played by Lee Yu-Bi. The session was held successfully, with the actors focusing on their roles seriously and the representative couldn’t help but felt contented with the cast.


Nice Guy will air in September, right after Bridal Mask ends, taking over the Wed-Thu slots on KBS2.

source: Sport Kyung Han news via naver news

Haha! I am happy to see the new floating around and this can make me rest assured about Joong-Ki’s return to the drama…and I guessed it right about his hair..if that is going to be his Ma-Roo’s hair, I’m going to be on cloud nine! Yeay! Oh, another good news: Kim Young-Chul will be Moon Che-Won’s father in this series! Looks like it’s going to be Seryung-Suyang’s reunion then!


2 thoughts on “Nice Guy: First Script Reading

  1. I dunno why but everytime I hear news about this drama I think about the drama Bad Guy. I wonder, are the two related somehow, other than the revenge plot and a similar title?

    1. Haha! I admit I was also confused earlier, plus with Kim Nam-Gil’s name floating around the news…but both of them came from different writer and director and Nice Guy will air on KBS2 while Bad Guy aired on SBS..I believe they’re not related, apart from the similar title and revenge plot. KBS2 really love dramas with revenge nowadays..

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